A Border Reiver Clan

​​Clan Hall Society

At the 2015 AGBM Clan Hall Society modified and adopted a new Coat of Arms and Clan Crest along with a new motto.  The previous versions were generic and the CHS leadership felt it was time that Clan Hall Society had a Coat of Arms and Crest that was unique to our society.  Because the Border Halls were located in both Scotland and England we wanted the Coat of Arms to represent both sides of the border.  The Stork, Scotland and the Hound, English.  The new motto has been associated with various clan families including Halls so we adopted it for CHS.  

The motto is "Per Ardua Ad Alta" - "Through Difficulties to Heaven"

 The previous Crest is still recognized as Clan Hall.

  In 2016 it became necessary to design a new Talbot head to used on our Crest and Coat of Arms.  Through the artistic work of our Executive Vice President and newsletter editor David Hall, & with the assistance of our President John Hall, a Talbot head, that is unique to Clan Hall Society, now is proudly displayed on our Crest and Coat of Arms.  On August 8, 2017 the US Copyright Office granted Clan Hall Society the copyright ownership to our Crest, Coat of Arms, Seal/Stamp, and Talbot Head.

The Hall surname can be found in many regions of Scotland and England and the origins of this surname are as varied as the locations it is found.  One source identifies it as a person who worked in or managed a manor house or "hall".  Another source is that an Arthur Fitz William changed his name to Hall so that he would be distinguished separately from his brother.  Regardless of the earliest acquisition of the Hall surname men and women who bore that name played a part in Anglo Scottish history.


The Clan Hall Society was founded in 1993 by Atlas D. Hall, FSA Scot, with  23 charter members.  As an avid historian, Atlas' research revealed that there were Halls located near the highlands west of Aberdeen and were considered a sept of Clan Skene.  However,  his research  also revealed and verified that the Hall surname was common to the central region, or Middle Marches, of the Scottish and English border and that they are listed as one of the 60 major riding families of the borders.  These families were the "Border Reivers". From this information he concluded the border Halls should be represented and thus Clan Hall Society was born.


There are some who do not consider the border Halls as a Clan because the do not have a Clan Chieftain or Headman.  This is true, but they referred to themselves as a clan because others referred to them as a clan.  And though they never ascribed as to having a Chieftain or Headman the border Halls are listed with the major riding families at a Border Reiver memorial near the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle, England.


Located in both Scotland and England, the border Halls were an independent lot who made their presence known and contributed to the 250 years of Border Reiver history and beyond.       

Reiver raid as depicted in a 16th century woodcut from "Holinshed's Chronical"