Paypal Payment Options

USA Members:

Individual  Membership --------- $16.00

Family Membership -------------- $21.00

Associate/Youth Membership - $16.00

International Members: In US Dollars

Individual Membership ---------- $16.00

Family Membership -------------- $21.00

Associate/Youth Membership - $16.00


     International applications must use Paypal when submitting dues payments.  Our bank will not process payments from non USA banks.  USA applicants may use the Paypal option but please note a $1.00 service fee is applied.  If Paypal is used please check the Paypal payment line in the upper right corner on the application.

Clan Hall Society welcomes you to join us in membership. 

Click on the button below and print the application form.  Mail

the application to the Membership Secretary with payment.  Membership is open to those associated to the Hall surname and its septs: Hall, Hal, Halle, Hale, Haul, Haugh, Haw, MacHale, MacHall, DeAule, Collingwood, Crispin, Fitz William.  

A Border Reiver Clan

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