‚ÄčClan Hall Society

Crane - Vigilance, Justice, Longevity

Talbot - Faithfulness, Guardianship,                        Courage, Loyal Fidelity

According to "Coat of Arms Symbols" as found on www.vandenart.weebly.com

Clan Hall Society was founded in Pikesburg, KY. in August, 1993 with 23 charter members.  Atlas D. Hall, FSA Scot, was the first President and served until his death in November, 2006.  From the original membership we have grown and our membership extends throughout the United States.

To see how you may become a member please visit our membership page.

Officers for Clan Hall are voted in each year at our Annual General Business Meeting.  In addition to the election of officers at the AGBM, society business is conducted and appointed positions, such as State Commissioners, are filled.  State Commissioners represent Clan Hall Society at various Highland Games and Celtic events. 

 The Clan Hall Society is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt

charitable organization.

Clan Hall Society works to educate the American public about the Scottish/Scottish-American heritage and traditions that were part of the exploration and growth of the United States of America, and to extend assistance to those whose historical research perpetuates the history of Scotland, Scots in America, and the historical contributions made by  those of Hall ancestry, both in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world . 

If you wish to assist the Clan Hall Society in these endevers your tax deductible contribution will be graciously accepted.  Please donate through the Paypal link below. 

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A sample of Clan Hall tartan

Ancient on left - Modern on right

Society Information

A Border Reiver Clan

The Border Reiver is the official publication of Clan Hall Society.  It is published four times a year. Each issue features articles on  Border Reiver, border history, and historical contributions and achievements by individuals with the Hall surname.  To read a sample issue click on the banner.